How to Send Documents to Your Amazon Kindle

The Amazon Kindle, and e-readers in general, is changing how the world reads books. With its portable size and design along with its easy-on-the-eyes screen, the Kindle is also ideal for reading long business and personal documents and PDF files. Whether you need to carefully read a contract before signing it, have a huge report to read, have a recipe you want to try, or have invested in an eBook in PDF format, sending your files to the Amazon Kindle is as easy as sending an email message.

Find Your Amazon Kindle Email Address
First, you´ll need to find out what your Amazon Kindle email address is. When you register your Kindle with Amazon, Amazon automatically assigns you a email address. You can find your Kindle email address on your Kindle by going to Home > Menu > Settings > Device Email. Note: You may need to use the next page button to scroll down to the Device Email section.

The Difference between @Kindle and @Free.Kindle Email Addresses
Before you send yourself a document to your newly discovered Kindle email address, it´s important to be aware of the fees involved. When you send a document to your Kindle email address, Amazon will charge you a small fee of $.15 (20p) per megabyte for the service when the Kindle is located in the United States and $.99 per megabyte when the Kindle is out of the country. To avoid this fee, use Kindle´s free service by sending the document to
So, why would anyone use the paid service when you can get your documents delivered to your Kindle wirelessly for free? The free service works when you have Wi-Fi access. If your Kindle is connected to a 3G network and you do not have access to a Wi-Fi access, then the free service will not work. In this situation, you´ll need to use the standard Amazon Kindle email address and pay the fee. Alternately, you could connect your Kindle to your computer using the USB cable and manually transfer the files.

Add Your Free Kindle Email Address to Your Contact List
Adding your free Kindle email address to your contact list is easy and convenient. Name your contact "Free Kindle" or something memorable and then use it whenever you want to read a long document from the comfort of your Kindle.

Allowing Others to Send Documents to Your Amazon Kindle Email Address
While you could have your colleagues send documents to your standard email address and then forward the messages to your Kindle email address, it may make sense to have your colleagues email the documents directly to your Kindle. Before you give out your Kindle email address, you must first add individuals to your Kindle´s approved email list. Do this from the "Manage Your Kindle" section of the Amazon website. Once you´ve added your colleagues as approved senders, give them your free Kindle email address and instruct them to send long documents directly to your Kindle.

Types of Documents to Send to Your Amazon Kindle Email Address
The Amazon Kindle supports Microsoft Word documents and PDF files as well as several image types. You can even combine files into a compressed ZIP file before sending them to your Kindle. Send documents, PDFs, and photos to your Kindle and enjoy reading computer content away from your computer monitor.

Once you´re comfortable sending documents to your Amazon Kindle email account, you´ll soon see the possibilities. Before long, you´ll be emailing documents of all types including: business reports, manuscripts, instruction manuals, training materials, recipes, photos, calendars, and more. If you find your Kindle overwhelmed with reports, manuscripts, recipes, and images, group your documents into collections just as you do with your Amazon Kindle books.


  1. This morning, I've been looking for a way to move personal documents to the Kindle app on my iPhone. Email won't work. Amazon only does email transfers to their Kindle hardware not Kindle apps. USB transfers won't work either, since iPhones don't like users doing direct USB transfers.

    What does work is attaching an iPhone or iPad via USB and going into iTunes. Click on that device under Devices in the left column, open the Apps tab and scroll down to File Sharing. The Kindle app is one of those who will accept files via iTunes. Click on Kindle and drag the file you want on your iPhone into the box. Then synch the device. Open the Kindle app on your iPhone and it'll be at the head of the list labeled "New."

    Yes, it is clumsy and slow, but it works. Hopefully, Amazon will soon give us an email address for each registered device, apps as well as hardware.

    --Michael W. Perry, author of Untangling Tolkien

  2. I never use this feature because the keyboard is in the way.logo design

  3. Great explanation, thank you! I have been using the free e-mail service for two years now. It's pretty quick and reliable, except sometimes when I send e-mails with documents and never hear back. I don't know what the problem is in those cases. It's definitely not the format of the documents sent, since it always works when I later resend the same documents in the same format as before.

  4. Thanks! This was helpful and informative.

  5. Forgive my ignorance but why would this method be any better than just emailing a document to my personal email address that is configured on the kindle?

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